Robotic Parking Systems are Eco-friendly and Cost Effective

The Robotic Parking System is a green parking solution. Electromechanical automatic parking reduces CO2 emissions and other pollutants and greenhouse gases. No cars are run inside the garage so there are no choking car emissions to ventilate. Also, since cars are not circling the block looking for a parking space, there is less pollution and less traffic congestion. Drivers get off the street faster!

Overall development cost can be significantly lower than for a conventional garage. Since there are no people or running cars inside the garage, there are lower lighting and ventilation requirements. Lower insurance costs, lower personnel expenses, smaller land area required and more – all add up to increased savings.

Underground applications are particularly well suited to Robotic Parking Systems. Because only half the space is needed for the same amount of parking as conventional garages, developers can save as much as 50% on the excavation alone.

National Survey Shows Majority of Americans Want Less Congestion and Greener Transportation Options

Transportation For America recently released survey results indicating that 59% of Americans would choose to reduce road congestion by adding more transportation options to the mix.

According to T4 America, “the desire to increase the amount of funding allocated to options beyond roads and highways was shared across demographic, geographic and political lines.”

Co-chairman Geoff Anderson reached this conclusion:

“In small towns and big cities alike, Americans are saying loudly and clearly that their lives would be better, and their nation stronger, if we had world-class public transportation and more options for walking and bicycling.”

82% support the idea of an expanded US transportation system. The kind of system that allows people to use their cars if they want to, but also allows easier use of other ways to get from place to place.

People overwhelming feel they have no choice right now, but a majority would like to spend less time in car.

73% stated “I have no choice but to drive as much as I do.”

57% stated “I would like to spend less time in my car.”

People want better transportation options that reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, reduce fuel consumption, options that improve and bring communities together.

In addition to reducing emissions and fuel consumption, a Robotic Parking Systems garage can create space for pedestrians, bicycles and for the community. An automated parking garage fits twice as many cars in half the space. With the additional space architects and developers can design and create greener and more livable communities.

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