US Congressman Charlie Crist Visits Robotic Parking Systems

Congressman Charlie Crist Visits Robotic Parking Systems

US Congressman Charlie Crist recently visited the Robotic Parking Systems Inc manufacturing facility in Clearwater, FL where he received a demonstration of the company’s innovative automated parking technology.

Congressman Charlie Crist Views Robotic Parking Systems Technology

Congressman Crist represents Florida’s 13th Congressional District which covers Pinellas County where the company is located. As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, he strongly supports entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Robotic Parking Systems Inc manufacturers high-speed automated parking facilities from hundreds to thousands of parking spaces in half the space of conventional garages. The company’s product creates space, offers greater security for people and their cars, reduces pollutants and is uniquely positioned to work with emerging transportation technologies such as autonomous driving cars.


Parking Attendant Plunges Down Elevator Shaft – This Can’t Happen with a Robotic Parking System

NBC New York reports that a Manhattan parking garage attendant plunged several floors down an elevator shaft in the Audi he was driving.

Car and driver plunges down an elevator shaft.

The attendant working at the Central Parking Garage fell from the fifth floor and landed between the first and second floor. He was able to climb out of the car before FDNY arrived on scene and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

This sort of personal injury cannot happen with a Robotic Parking System. Electo-mechanical machinery moves the cars into and out of ground floor entry / exit terminals without human intervention. This is an added level of safety for both the public and parking attendants.


Innovative Parking Solution with Premium Advantages

Robotic Parking Systems

Whether planner, developer, owner, operator or driver — a Robotic Parking System offers decisive advantages for everyone:

For users:

  • Increases individual safety and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Premium valet service without the tip.
  • Virtually eliminates dings and dents as well as theft and vandalism.
  • Protects cars from the elements.
  • Average time for storing or retrieving the car is 150 seconds.
  • Cars are transported free of touch on separate pallets.
  • Easy to use. Drive forward to enter and forward to exit the facility.

For planners, architects, developers and owners:

  • Creates more space for design and development.
  • Can be constructed in every form — above ground, underground, on roofs or inside a building complex — in steel or concrete.
  • Increases return on investment.
  • Space gained can be used for green space and open areas to meet LEED standards.
  • Modular and flexible capacity for hundreds to thousands of cars.
  • Can be designed for every level of traffic density.
  • Lower development costs. 
  • More than 4 times the parking capacity on the same land.
  • Ideal solution where space is limited or land cost is at a premium.
  • Reduces operating costs — less personnel, less ventilation and lighting, etc.
  • Flexible design and façade allows the robotic parking garage to fit into any neighborhood or project.
  • Reduces liability. No public enter the area where cars are stored.
  • Not dependent on a single retrieval mechanism.
  • Full redundancy and fail-safes. No single failure will ever result in the system being inoperable. If a single robot fails another identical machine takes over.
  • Lower insurance costs.

For everyone:

  • No exhaust fumes.
  • No noise.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions, other pollutants and greenhouse gases.
  • Reduces carbon footprint.
  • Eliminates tons of highly toxic tire and brake dust every year.
  • Relieves traffic congestion.
  • Valet ease, but you keep the keys.

Small fires set in parking garage

The Idaho State Journal reports that officials in Boise are investigating a recent series of small fires set in stairwells at the Lincoln Parking Garage at Boise State University.

Firefighters found eight fires, six in stairwells and two in plastic garbage cans that melted.

Similar fires were set in October 2012.

This type of crime is very dangerous for individuals, particularly through impeding stairwells.

Such incidents can’t happen in a Robotic Parking System. In our automated parking system, the public is only allowed access to the ground level entry / exit bays and lobby – public are not allowed inside the actual parking facility where cars are stored. This protects individuals and property from crime and vandalism.

Robotic Parking Systems Inc Offers Solutions That Help Reduce Crime Associated with Parking

“Federal statistics show that 80% of criminal acts reported to police at shopping centers and business offices occur in parking lots,” reported Parking Today in the March 2013 issue.

Additional statistics show that 25% of rapes occur in parking garages and open areas, and 40% of sexual assaults occur in garages.

“We believe that people deserve better and offer parking solutions that can help reduce the overwhelming amount of crime associated with parking,” said Royce Monteverdi, CEO of Robotic Parking Systems.

Robotic Parking Systems are designed to provide the highest degree of safety and security for the individual and their property,” he added.

Increase Personal Safety
When using a Robotic Parking System, there is no need to walk through rows of cars or levels of parking decks. A person can just drive into a well-lit entry terminal of the automated parking garage and leave the car to be picked up by robotic machinery. When they’re ready to leave, the car is delivered in minutes to a ground floor exit terminal. Eliminating places where criminals can hide reduces the chance of assault and injury.

Robotic Parking Safety and Security

Increase Security of Belongings
Cars in the Robotic Parking System are stored in a fully enclosed structure and are 100% secure from access by others. Since no one is allowed inside of the garage, a criminal has no opportunity for theft or vandalism. Additionally, typical car park damage, such as dents, dings on paint and bodywork damages are also eliminated.

Using automated parking systems with these types of design features can significantly reduce crimes in parking lots and garages.

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Robotic Parking Systems Gets Thumbs Up from Ibn Battuta Gate Property Manager

The Robotic Parking System designed and manufactured for Ibn Battuta Gate officially opened in August 2009. The 276 ft x 98 ft x 57 ft high facility holds 765 spaces in seven levels – more than double the number of spaces of a conventional garage the same size.

Robotic Parking Systems Entrance

Since that time, the company has worked closely with the owner, Seven Tides, and the property manager, Asteco Property Management on the operation of the facility.

When asked about operations and the level of service, Anne Marie Shein the Senior Property Manager for Ibn Battuta Gate replied, “Since the automated car park opened three and a half years ago, you and your staff have provided excellent operations service and ensured that the automated car park is well-maintained and running flawlessly.

“However, the real measure of success comes from the users of the facility. In my experience, the users are exceptionally pleased with the staff, the speed and convenience of the robotic car park as well as the safety and security for themselves, their cars and belongings,” she added.

Robotic Parking System Gets Thumbs Up - Automated Parking - Robotic Car Park

We asked the users of the Dubai robotic car park to rate their experience with the Robotic Parking System. Surveys show approval ratings for the automated garage are high:

  • 86% feel very good to exceptional about their personal safety when entering and exiting the garage.
  • 100% rate the security of their cars and belongings as very good to exceptional.
  • 100% rate the ease of use very good to exceptional.
  • 100% rate the convenience of the Robotic Parking System as very good to exceptional.
  • 100% feel very good to exceptional about their overall experience with the robotic car park.

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Robotic Parking Systems Protect Your Car from Dings, Dents and the “Wild West” of Parking Lots

About 20 percent of all vehicle accidents happen in parking lots, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These low-speed collisions are rarely serious, but they can be costly.

Regularly parking in a conventional lot or garage almost always results in dings and dents in a car. Parking spaces are small in an attempt to accommodate more cars, and there always seems to be someone who can’t park straight. Plus, distracted people smash their door into the sides of vehicles, etc. This is particularly true during the holidays.

Source: maxTrax Driver Safety Blog
Source: maxTrax Driver Safety Blog

According to maxTrax Driver Safety Blog, “Parking space showdowns, deserted shopping carts, and renegade vehicles are turning America’s parking lots into the Wild West at high noon. For some unknown reason, many motorists don’t always display the same etiquette in parking lots that they do on the open road.”

However, in a fully automated Robotic Parking System, no one can touch the car after it’s parked in the spacious entry / exit terminal. In fact, the automated parking facility itself contains only machinery and vehicles – no humans allowed. Therefore, no more dings and dents from distracted drivers and reduced risk of parking lot accidents.

Robotic Parking Systems Entry / Exit Terminal
Spacious Robotic Parking System Entry / Exit Terminal