Robotic Parking Systems and Its Computer Systems and Software

We’re often asked “what happens to the automated parking garage if the computer system crashes?”

The answer …

Every Robotic Parking System design includes a back-up emergency power generator with automatic transfer switch so that service can continue in the case of a power outage.

The computer system itself is a true hot swappable redundant server that has all of the information instantly available to continue operation on the fly.

Robotic Parking Systems use ultra high-end fault tolerant (fT 99.999% worldwide uptime) computer servers which guarantee continuous availability. Every piece of data (including garage configuration, location and identity of every car, etc.) and every command is stored in real-time on both servers. If one server fails, the second redundant server automatically takes over with no interruption of service.

The automation software which runs the garage is powered by GE’s Cimplicity® intelligent platform which is used worldwide in processes with high complexity and numbers of users. Cimplicity® software runs automobile assembly lines such as GM and Ford as well as container handling in seaports around the world where thousands of movements are performed on a 24/7 basis.