University Expects to Receive Gold LEED Certification for New Parking Structure

Colorado State University recently opened a new 835 space parking garage. The university expects the project to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification later this year in recognition of its many green features.

Special parking spaces are available in the garage for LEED-qualified vehicles –– vehicles with low emissions. The entire building is designed for better air circulation than most garages. Additionally, 9,000 square feet of photovoltaic solar panels, which convert the sun’s power to electricity, will be installed on the roof.

The new structure will include offices for parking services and retail space.


As Gas Prices Rise, So Does Fuel Theft

As gas prices rise again toward $3.00 per gallon, police are reporting increasing thefts of fuel. The thieves typically go to open parking garages or lots and quickly siphon gas from unprotected cars.

This is just one example of theft and vandalism that occurs daily in parking garages around the world.

Security is a key benefit of Robotic Parking Systems. Cars are dropped off and picked up at well lighted, ground level entry / exit stations. No one enters the inside of the garage or has access to your car since the vehicles are moved via a computerized system of machines and lifts. You, your car and its fuel is safe.

House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage

If you’re planning a visit to Washington DC, stop by the National Building Museum and take a look at the exhibit “House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage” which runs through July 11, 2010.

House of Cars explores the relationship between parked cars and the buildings that hold them.

As soon as there were cars, there was a parking problem, and cities responded both by finding ways to fit cars into old structures – such as carriage houses – and inventing a new building type made specifically for automobile storage. As the parking garage’s building type evolved, innovative engineers explored the best ways to lay out parking places and create structural systems to accommodate both cars and people.

“What does the future hold for parking?.”

Obviously, we think automated parking garages offer innovative solutions to improve our cities and address the problems of parking. Robotic Parking Systems creates space by reducing the area needed for parking by up to 50%. Architects and developers can use that space for design features and benefits that enhance the project and the community. For more information, visit

NFPA To Release New Chapter For Automated Parking Garages in 2010

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) is expected to release in 2010 a new chapter in NFPA 88A – Parking Structures which specificially covers automated parking garages. Mr. Gerhard Haag, working with other members of the Automated and Mechanical Parking Association, was instrumental in getting the needs of the automated parking industry recognized in this key international code. Mr. Haag is the CEO of Robotic Parking Systems and a member of the NFPA Garage and Parking Structures Committee.

Solar Parking Lots Charge Electric Bicycles

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. has opened two “Solar Parking Lots” that use solar panels to charge electric hybrid bicycles powered by Sanyo’s eneloop lithium-ion batteries.

The solar powered parking lots are located in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward west of downtown Tokyo. The lots are completely independent and clean systems that eliminate the use of fossil fuels. The power generated from the solar panels installed on the roof is used to charge up to 100 bicycles as well as illuminate the parking lot lights.

Woman Struck By Car In Parking Lot – Such Accidents Can Be Prevented With An Automated Parking Garage

WCVB of Boston reported that a  woman was struck today in a parking lot after a driver failed to stop at a stop sign.

These types of incidents can be prevented with automated parking. Security for both the individual and car are greatly increased with an automated parking garage such as the one from Robotic Parking Systems ( You don’t need to drive through the garage to find a parking space or walk to your car. You simply drive into an entry station and leave your car to be picked up by the computerized lifts that will safely place it inside the building on a shelving system. When you leave, you return to the lobby of the garage and your car is swiftly delivered to an exit station.