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Robotic Parking Systems

There are lots of good reasons to do something about parking: to mitigate downtown traffic congestion (as much as 50% of the cars cruising city centers are looking for parking), to reduce pollution, to recover space for public areas and pedestrians, to revitalize our cities and more.

Founded by Royce Monteverdi, Robotic Parking Systems Inc. (RPS) developed high-speed robotic technology that cuts parking space in half, creating more room for people, green spaces and architectural design. RPS build the first large scale automated parking garage in the USA and the world’s largest automated garage (754 cars) in Dubai. You can learn more about Robotic Parking Technology at their website here.

This blog explores ways that Robotic Parking Systems technology might assist city planners, architects, civic groups, developers, environmentalists and other innovative thinkers seeking to enrich our cities and covers news of current Robotic Parking System projects.