Congestion: Myth 3

traffic congestion

Expensive, long-term capital projects are the best way to address congestion.

No single solution can solve congestion. Both near- and long-term solutions should be used to combat congestion.

A holistic view must be taken when looking at congestion. There is a backlog of $90B in deferred public transit maintenance and replacement projects. Upgrading infrastructure alone is a challenging feat. Policy levers and other demand shifting policies may help to mitigate congestion in the short term and are often less expensive than large capital infrastructure projects. At the same time, capital projects increase transportation capacity (e.g., public transport, roadways, and highways) and are necessary to accommodate for population and economic growth in the long term.


The National Parking Association commissioned a top-10 consulting firm to
produce a
report on reducing congestion. The result: “Parking is a
solution to congestion.”

The report, “An Ecosystem Approach to Reducing Congestion,” reaffirms the role
of  parking in our cities. For the full study, visit

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