ParkSmart – Robotic Parking Systems’ Newsletter Issue 30 Online

Issue 30 of ParkSmart – Robotic Parking Systems’ newsletter is now available online. In this issue we cover:

ParkSmart Issue 30

WORLD’S LARGEST AUTOMATED PARKING – It’s official. Guinness World Records names the largest automated parking facility in the world. And the record holder is …

RELIABILITY AND FAIL-SAFES – Key factors to ensure that no single failure will ever result in the system being inoperable. Find out more.

FLAWLESS OPERATIONS – Property managers provide an assessment of 3 years of service and operations of automated parking. Learn more.

GREEN PARKING SOLUTIONS – These systems conserve fuel as well as reduce pollution, carbon footprint, greenhouse gases and toxic tire and brake dust. Learn how.

ON THE WEB – Access to product and technical information, photos, videos, brochures and more.

PARKING FACTS – Little known facts about transportation and the parking industry.

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Let us know what you think. Any suggestions for information or articles you would like to see are welcome.

Editor, ParkSmart


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