One Thing I Don’t Want to Find in a Parking Lot – A Boa Constrictor

I have to admit up front that I’m not fond of snakes and would have been a little freaked out if this has happened to me.

A shuttle driver parked at Tampa International Airport saw a 5-foot-long snake slide over the top of his front tire and go into the engine of his van. He tried everything to get it out – pulling on the tail, turning off the van, driving around. The snake did not move.

TIA police officers responded to the scene as well as Lt. Natalie Brown with Tampa Fire Rescue.

Photo: Lt Natalie Brown, TFR

Brown identified the snake as a boa constrictor that was likely someone’s pet. “So, I bent over, picked up the snake, put it in the pillowcase, tied it up, and that was the end of the day,” she said. “It’s a very healthy looking snake.”

A witness reported that the snake came out of another vehicle parked at the cell phone waiting lot before heading towards the shuttle van.

Florida has a big problem with non-native species, and the Fish and Wildlife Commission is concerned anytime someone’s pet snake gets loose

Source: BayNews9, Tampa, FL


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