Airport Parking More Convenient and Profitable Using Robotic Parking

robotic parking systems and airport parking

Airports around the country are reporting increased revenues from the convenience of valet parking services. For example, valet parking revenue at the Cleveland airport is growing on average about 37 percent a year according to Associated Press.

Valet parking is a labor intensive activity, and if the actual parking location is distant from the drop-off location, the time it takes to park each car adds up quickly. With careful planning, Robotic Parking Systems built close to terminals or drop off locations could significantly increase revenues and lower costs.

Robotic Parking Systems use half the space of a conventional ramp-style garage so these type of garages could more easily be located near terminals.

Users of an automated facility just pull into a ground level entry / exit bay and drop off their cars for the robotic machinery to park. They get the convenience of premium valet parking with no tips required. Airports can charge more for this type of parking and increase revenue without costs associated with the numerous staff required to move the cars.

Even if some staff continue to transport cars from the airport terminal door to the robotic garage, having the compact Robotic Parking System close by the drop off location decreases the time it takes to park each vehicle. Less staff could handle the same number of cars resulting in reduced costs.

I would much rather drop off and pick up my own car at a ground level enty / exit bay close to the airport terminal. I get the benefit of valet service, but don’t have to worry about anyone else driving my car. And, I don’t have to drag my luggage around rows of parked cars. It’s safer and more convenient.


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