Robotic Parking Systems Inc Offers Solutions That Help Reduce Crime Associated with Parking

“Federal statistics show that 80% of criminal acts reported to police at shopping centers and business offices occur in parking lots,” reported Parking Today in the March 2013 issue.

Additional statistics show that 25% of rapes occur in parking garages and open areas, and 40% of sexual assaults occur in garages.

“We believe that people deserve better and offer parking solutions that can help reduce the overwhelming amount of crime associated with parking,” said Royce Monteverdi, CEO of Robotic Parking Systems.

Robotic Parking Systems are designed to provide the highest degree of safety and security for the individual and their property,” he added.

Increase Personal Safety
When using a Robotic Parking System, there is no need to walk through rows of cars or levels of parking decks. A person can just drive into a well-lit entry terminal of the automated parking garage and leave the car to be picked up by robotic machinery. When they’re ready to leave, the car is delivered in minutes to a ground floor exit terminal. Eliminating places where criminals can hide reduces the chance of assault and injury.

Robotic Parking Safety and Security

Increase Security of Belongings
Cars in the Robotic Parking System are stored in a fully enclosed structure and are 100% secure from access by others. Since no one is allowed inside of the garage, a criminal has no opportunity for theft or vandalism. Additionally, typical car park damage, such as dents, dings on paint and bodywork damages are also eliminated.

Using automated parking systems with these types of design features can significantly reduce crimes in parking lots and garages.

Learn more about Robotic Parking Systems.


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