Robotic Parking Systems Gets Thumbs Up from Ibn Battuta Gate Property Manager

The Robotic Parking System designed and manufactured for Ibn Battuta Gate officially opened in August 2009. The 276 ft x 98 ft x 57 ft high facility holds 765 spaces in seven levels – more than double the number of spaces of a conventional garage the same size.

Robotic Parking Systems Entrance

Since that time, the company has worked closely with the owner, Seven Tides, and the property manager, Asteco Property Management on the operation of the facility.

When asked about operations and the level of service, Anne Marie Shein the Senior Property Manager for Ibn Battuta Gate replied, “Since the automated car park opened three and a half years ago, you and your staff have provided excellent operations service and ensured that the automated car park is well-maintained and running flawlessly.

“However, the real measure of success comes from the users of the facility. In my experience, the users are exceptionally pleased with the staff, the speed and convenience of the robotic car park as well as the safety and security for themselves, their cars and belongings,” she added.

Robotic Parking System Gets Thumbs Up - Automated Parking - Robotic Car Park

We asked the users of the Dubai robotic car park to rate their experience with the Robotic Parking System. Surveys show approval ratings for the automated garage are high:

  • 86% feel very good to exceptional about their personal safety when entering and exiting the garage.
  • 100% rate the security of their cars and belongings as very good to exceptional.
  • 100% rate the ease of use very good to exceptional.
  • 100% rate the convenience of the Robotic Parking System as very good to exceptional.
  • 100% feel very good to exceptional about their overall experience with the robotic car park.

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