Robotic Parking Systems Protect Your Car from Dings, Dents and the “Wild West” of Parking Lots

About 20 percent of all vehicle accidents happen in parking lots, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These low-speed collisions are rarely serious, but they can be costly.

Regularly parking in a conventional lot or garage almost always results in dings and dents in a car. Parking spaces are small in an attempt to accommodate more cars, and there always seems to be someone who can’t park straight. Plus, distracted people smash their door into the sides of vehicles, etc. This is particularly true during the holidays.

Source: maxTrax Driver Safety Blog
Source: maxTrax Driver Safety Blog

According to maxTrax Driver Safety Blog, “Parking space showdowns, deserted shopping carts, and renegade vehicles are turning America’s parking lots into the Wild West at high noon. For some unknown reason, many motorists don’t always display the same etiquette in parking lots that they do on the open road.”

However, in a fully automated Robotic Parking System, no one can touch the car after it’s parked in the spacious entry / exit terminal. In fact, the automated parking facility itself contains only machinery and vehicles – no humans allowed. Therefore, no more dings and dents from distracted drivers and reduced risk of parking lot accidents.

Robotic Parking Systems Entry / Exit Terminal
Spacious Robotic Parking System Entry / Exit Terminal

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