Robotic Parking Systems Are Not Just for Cars – This Automated Parking System Can Provide Interchangeable Storage for Cars, Containers and Boats

The Robotic Parking System is best known for its dense, compact storage of cars – the ability to park twice as many cars in the same amount of space. But, did you know that a Robotic Parking System can also store boats and provide container storage together with those parked cars?

Boat Storage

Small boats (up to 19 ft long x 7 ft wide) can easily be accommodated in the Robotic Parking facility. The automated machinery and software stores the boat in the same manner as cars are stored. The following photo shows an example of a boat stored in our Research and Development garage in Clearwater, FL.

Boat Stored in a Robotic Parking System

Container Storage

For those excess belongings that need to be “parked,” Robotic Parking Systems has storage containers that easily allow spaces not needed for car parking to be used for other purposes such as the storage of office documents or household goods. Simply, containers are utilized instead of the pallets used for cars. The automated machinery moves and stores both the car and the container in the same manner.

Robotic Parking Systems Containers - Loading and Unloading

The storage containers are the same dimensions (7 x 19 x 7 ft. 8 in.) as the vehicle pallets making the system components fully modular and interchangeable.

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