Robotic Parking Systems Reduce Inherent Safety Risks in Parking Garages – Eliminates Opportunities for Criminals

Despite round-the-clock security and surveillance cameras a 63 year old woman was recently assaulted on the eighth floor of a Tampa, FL parking garage. Shadows, dark areas and rows of cars in the parking garage offered the perfect chance to strike.

“Any parking garage is a great opportunity for a criminal,” said Tampa police officer Sean Mahabir in a recent article in the Tampa Tribune. “There’s a lot of places for them to hide.”

Reducing risks in parking garages is always a primary concern. This was reinforced in a survey conducted by Robotic Parking Systems where 90 % of those surveyed rated “safety” as the primary consideration when building or operating a parking garage.

Robotic Parking Systems offer solutions that can help parking garage builders and owners greatly increase safety and personal security because the automated parking facility itself contains only machinery and vehicles – no humans allowed.

“People don’t have to walk through rows of cars, levels of parking decks or enter deserted stairwells,” said, CEO, Royce Monteverdi. “With a Robotic Parking System, the driver pulls into a terminal located next to the street and leaves the car to be picked up by computerized machinery. When leaving, the driver returns to a well lit lobby where the car is quickly delivered to a ground floor terminal.”

In the well lit entry / exit terminal of the Robotic Parking System, it’s easy to see that there’s no one waiting nearby to cause harm.

Robotic Parking Systems - Exit Bay

These types of Robotic Parking facilities also reduce the chances of dings, dents as well as theft and vandalism.


2 thoughts on “Robotic Parking Systems Reduce Inherent Safety Risks in Parking Garages – Eliminates Opportunities for Criminals”

  1. These are great points. Parking garages can be scary places, and robotic garages take the majority of the risk out of parking in a traditional facility

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