Update on Our Odd Twist on Parking – King Richard III

Archaeologists excavating the parking lot of the Leicester City Council building in seach of the remains of King Richard III have discovered human remains showing evidence consistent with battle wounds and curvature of the spine.

“A bladed implement appears to have cleaved part of the rear of the skull,” reported Richard Taylor, Director of Corporate Affairs at the Leicester University. He also stated that “a barbed iron arrowhead was found between vertebrae of the skeleton’s upper back.”

The skeleton found in the Choir area exhibits a spinal curvature that would have made his right shoulder appear visibly higher than the left shoulder which is consistent with accounts of King Richard’s appearance. However, the skeleton apparently did not have the feature sometimes known as a ‘hunchback’ and did not have a ‘withered arm’.”

The next step in determining whether the remains do belong to King Richard III is for the University is to try to extract DNA from the skeletal material and compare the DNA with a known living relative of Richard III and see if it matches.

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