An Odd Twist on Parking – Church Where King Richard III Buried Found Beneath Parking Lot

Here is an odd twist on parking. The search for the long-lost remains of King Richard III has turned up traces of what may be the church where the slain monarch was buried – underneath the Leicester, England City Council parking lot.

King Richard III, the English monarch who died during the War of the Roses in the 15th century was buried in a Franciscan church called Greyfriars, its location ultimately lost. Richard Buckley, the co-director of archaeological services for the University of Leicester, said Friday that he has found strong evidence for the location of the church underneath a city council parking lot.

“We have found the Greyfriars and have uncovered tantalizing clues as to the location of the church,” Buckley said at a press conference.

Among the findings so far are medieval window tracery, glazed floor tile fragments, a fragment of stained glass window, part of what may be the Greyfriars cloisters walk and a section of wall which they believe could have belonged to the Greyfriars church, the excavation group said.

(Source: Fox News)


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