Robotic Parking Systems Provide the Greatest Possible Degree of Personal Safety and Vehicle Security

Take a look at the photos below. These images will likely remind you of your worst fears when parking in typical parking garages or parking lots.

Robotic Parking Systems Offers Increased Safety

Robotic Parking Systems Offers Increased Security

Robotic Parking virtually eliminates damages to vehicles.

Personal safety and vehicle security are major concerns of parking facility owners throughout the world – whether the parking is part of a resort, a retail establishment, an office building or a separate garage. Robotic Parking Systems are designed to provide the greatest possible degree of safety and security; and eliminate hazards to you, your belongings and your car.

Reduced Risk of Injury
Parking garages are frequently the scene of violent crimes. Statistics show that twenty-five percent of rapes occur in parking garages and open areas, and 40% of sexual assaults occur in garages.

Robotic Parking Systems reduce the risk of injury. There is no need to walk to and from your car through rows and levels of parking decks. With an automated parking structure, you drive into an entry station and leave your car to be picked up by computerized machinery. When you’re ready to leave, you don’t have to remember where you left your car. You return to a well-lit lobby where your car is quickly delivered to a ground floor exit station. This increases safety and reduces risk of injury.

Compare the image of the typical garage to our well-lit, secure entry / exit terminals and lobby shown below.

Robotic Parking Systems offers well-lit, secure entry / exit terminals.

Robotic Parking Systems safe and secure lobby.

Reduced Damage and Dents
Even the vehicles themselves benefit from Robotic Parking Systems. Cars are transported free of touch on separate pallets. The typical car park damage, such as dents, dings on paint and bodywork damages become a thing of the past. And, as an additional factor, this helps keep insurance costs down for the automatic parking system.

Robotic Parking Systems are 100% secure from access by others.

Reduced Theft and Vandalism
Robotic Parking Systems reduce theft and vandalism. Cars are stored in a fully enclosed structure and are 100% secure from access by others. Since no one is allowed access to the inside of the garage, your car and your belongings are safe.

Happy and Satisfied Users
Robotic Parking Systems gives parking facility owners the edge in ensuring the safety and security of users and their vehicles. Take a look at the results from a recent survey of users in one of our garages:

  • 100% rate the security of their cars and belongings as very good to exceptional.
  • 100% feel very good to exceptional about their overall experience with the robotic car park.
  • 86% feel very good to exceptional about their personal safety when entering and exiting the garage.

Robotic Parking Systems' happy and satisfied users.

Learn more about Robotic Parking Systems.


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