Comments from Robotic Parking System Users

Users of the Robotic Parking System are very satisfied with their parking experience. Here are a few comments we’ve received:

“The fact that I now have a safe and secure place to park my car has changed my life. The garage is not only convenient, it is safe. I never find myself late at night walking through a parking structure or in some dark staircase. The garage is well maintained—they even have a television in the lobby!”

“Not only were Robotic Parking rates competitive, but the facility is by far superior to any other parking place I have ever seen. It is completely automatic. We park our car in a bay, and computerized ramps deliver the car into the parking lot. We can, and do, leave valuables in the car (such as spare change, CD players, etc.). The car comes back to us exactly the way we left it. If that wasn’t good enough, we park the car head in, but get it back head out—no driving in reverse!”

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