Robotic Parking Design – Relationship of Components and Capacity

The modular design of the Robotic Parking System provides for a variety of possibilities in the arrangement of different machine components.

The motions in our automated garage along the three axes—x, y, and z—are performed by independent machinery. This allows us to use different combinations of machines and, therefore, adjust the design of the garage to fit the necessary peak traffic (PT) handling for a specific project.

This diagram shows the relationship of installed components and concurrent capacities of handling certain numbers of cars per hour.

Robotic Parking Systems relationship of components and capacity

This design factor also ensures the security and reliability of the system. Every Robotic Parking System machine manufactured in the USA has built-in redundant components. Also, at least two of each type of machine for a particular motion is installed for each sector of operations. Both of the machines can perform the same tasks at the same time. Therefore, if one machine needs maintenance or repair, there is always a backup machine for that sector to keep the cars moving into and out of the garage.

This translates into a very high level of reliability and ensures uninterrupted operations. No single component failure will ever result in the system being inoperable.

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