Robotic Parking Systems Reduce Toxic Pollutants

There are no cars running inside a Robotic Parking System. The cars are moved into their parking spaces using electromechanical automated machinery. This eliminates the toxic emissions within the automated garage and ensures an environmentally clean parking facility.

robotic parking electromechanical machinery

Toxic pollutants eliminated by using a Robotic Parking System for a 2500 space garage:
• 5,003 lbs of Hydrocarbons (HC)
• 38,656 lbs of Carbon Monoxide (CO)
• 2,577 lbs of Nitrogen Oxide (Nox)
• 344 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
• 34,375 gal of gasoline
• 134.41 tons of tire and brake dust emissions

Additionally, the Robotic Parking System contributes between 10 to 17 points toward LEED® certification (out of 35 needed for platinum certification)  and can help urban areas become more green.

Learn more about green parking solutions.

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