Robotic Parking Systems – Safe, Reliable and Secure Parking

Whether planner, developer, investor, operator, local authority or driver —Robotic Parking Systems offer decisive advantages for everyone. The automated parking garage can be constructed in every form: above ground, underground, on top of or inside a building complex.   With robotic parking, architects and developers can use half as much space to park the same amount of cars which maximizes design and space.  Even the vehicles themselves benefit from Robotic Parking Systems. Cars are transported free of touch on separate pallets. The typical car park damage, such as dents, dings on paint and bodywork damages become a thing of the past. And, as an additional factor, this helps keep insurance costs down for the automatic parking system.

Robotic Parking Systems | Automated Parking | Automatic Parking

Specifically, Robotic Parking Systems offer the following unique advantages:

  • Greatest possible degree of security & safety: no one can enter the area where cars are stored.
  • Premium valet: Average waiting time for storing or retrieving the car is approximately 150 seconds in the case of highest throughput capacity.
  • Modular and flexible capacity for 100 to thousands of vehicles: the number of entry/exit stations, elevators and machines can be designed for every level of traffic density.
  • More than double the parking capacity in the same space, which is far more favorable in total building costs than conventional multi-story car parks.
  • Considerable reduction in running costs: personnel, ventilation, lighting, etc.
  • Considerable reduction in the load placed on the environment: reduces fuel and greenhouse gases
  • Maximum user friendliness, the customers are enthusiastic.

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