Robotic Parking Systems Provides Solutions for Increased Demand for Green and Sustainable Parking

In the International Parking Institute’s report on 2011 Emerging Trends in Parking, the number one trend according to 44% of the respondents was the increased demand to find ways to increase parking revenues.

Green and sustainable parking solutions was the second leading emerging trend according to 36% of those surveyed.

For years, Robotic Parking Systems has offered an eco-friendly parking solution that increases green space, reduces traffic congestion and reduces carbon footprint.

A Robotic Parking System:

■ Uses 50% less space to park the same number of cars as a conventional garage. The high-speed, efficient automated parking system ensures that even the largest parking design can be made smaller while still ensuring fast retrieval times for clients. The amount of land used affects sustainability issues such as development density and maximizing open space.

■ Reduces the traffic congestion and accompanying pollution of people driving around and around looking for a safe, convenient place to park. Recent studies (by Boston College, MIT, Transportation Alternatives and others) have reported that 30% to 50% of traffic congestion in city centers is generated by drivers searching for a parking space. A lack of sufficient downtown parking is often due to the large space required for conventional ramp parking.

■ Reduces pollution inside the garage by using electromechanical automated parking machinery to move cars into parking spaces. No cars run inside the garage, and there is no driving up and down ramps and through aisles in search of a space. An estimate of emissions reduction and energy saved in a 1,442 space robotic parking garage shows a) an annual savings of  19,828 gallons of gasoline in the parking process, b) 198 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and 11.149 tons of Carbon Monoxide (CO) eliminted per year and c) reduction in other toxic emissions.


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