Women “better at parking than men”

Being a woman, I couldn’t pass this one up.

A new research study by NCP, Britain’s biggest car park operator, reports that woman are better at parking than men.

The study surveyed 2,500 men and women drivers in the UK, rating them on different aspects of maneuvering their vehicle. Out of a possible 20 points, women motorists scored an average of 13.4 while men lagged behind with 12.3.

Three areas of the parking process were tested in the study: spotting a place, positioning the car and time taken to park.

The research found that men are more impatient than women when looking for a space and are more likely to miss an available place as a result.

Women drivers were also found to position their cars better before initiating a maneuver, as well as taking more care to ensure the vehicle was central in the bay.

39% of women opted to reverse in to a space – the preferred method of British driving instructors – compared to just 28% of men.

It was also noted that 53% of female drivers parked centrally in a space as opposed to just 25% of male drivers, who were more likely to just abandon their vehicles.

It was found that men completed the reverse park in an average time of 16 seconds – five seconds quicker than the average time for female motorists at 21 seconds – possibly due to the aforementioned reduced regard for the final position of the car.

Just to reinforce the stereotype of male bravado surrounding parking, the study also found guys like to “pose-park.” Basically, attempting to squeeze their car into the tightest available space when accompanied by a female passenger.

Source: MSN Cars

2 thoughts on “Women “better at parking than men””

  1. I think this article is just great…it goes to prove women drive differently than men…perhaps it’s time the parking industry recognise this and tailor their offerings accordingly.

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