More Livable Communities – Parks and Green Space, Not Parking Lots

In President Clinton’s 2000 State of the Union Address, he stated “You ask anybody that lives in an unlivable community, and they’ll tell you. They want their kids to grow up next to parks, not parking lots …”

Most adults in the United States drive cars, and that means having places to park those cars. No one realistically expects that to change. However, that doesn’t mean that every open lot should be paved for parking. For beautiful and livable communities, we need green space.

The parking industry has technologies that can help cities dramatically increase green space. Automated parking technologies may cost more in the short-term than just paving over an open piece of land, but the benefits to projects and communities far outweigh the cost.

A Robotic Parking Systems’ garage offers a solution for safe, convenient parking that creates space that could be used for pedestrians, bicycles, green space and parks. An automated parking garage can fit the same number of cars in half the space of a conventional parking garage, or use a fraction of the space required for the same number of cars in a parking lot. The better space utilization for parking allows architects, developers and urban planners more freedom to design and create greener and more livable communities.

Just image a community where parks and green space replaced 50% to 75% of every parking garage or parking lot. This is achievable by using automated parking technology. How could your city use this space?

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