Architects Surveyed Voted Green Materials and Technology as the Most Exciting Technology Trend

In a Robotic Parking Systems survey of architects across the United States, we asked  the question, “What are the most exciting technology trends coming to architecture and building?” (Multiple answers were given to the question.)

60 % of the architects surveyed stated “green materials and technology” as the most exciting trend.

45 % of those survey voted for “Building Information Management (BIM).”

20 % stated “3D drafting and design software.”

Robotic Parking Systems technology is eco-friendly and cost effective. Electro-mechanical automatic parking reduces CO2 emissions and other pollutants and greenhouse gases. No cars are run inside the garage so there are no car emissions to ventilate. Also, since cars are not circling the block looking for a parking space, there is less pollution and less traffic congestion. Drivers get off the street faster!


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