Robotic Parking Systems Featured in Parking Brazil Magazine

Robotic Parking Systems is featured in the latest issue of Parking Brazil magazine.

The article is in Portuguese so I’ve provided an excerpt of the article in English below. Click to see the full article in Portuguese.

The garage of the future is fully automated

It already exists. The garage of the future has been present for more than 50 years in countries where the demand for parking is old. Italy, Germany and Japan were the pioneers in developing systems where cars are not driven into the spaces, but driven by machines controlled by computers to boxes much more compact than the conventional places.

The frustration of not finding parking spaces in certain areas or times, in major cities and even in smaller centers, has become an ever-present reality in the lives of Brazilians.

After all, the vehicle fleet has grown much greater than the number of jobs. In Europe and Asia, this is not new. The Old Continent still has as an aggravating factor – the fact that many shopping centers maintain the structure of narrow streets and medieval labyrinth, and are settled on ancient historical structures, that impede the construction of underground garages. These difficulties have led Europeans – especially Germans and Italians – and Japanese to be the pioneers in developing automated garages. Hundreds of them were built in these countries from the mid-1950 until late 1980. “Today there are thousands of automated garages in Europe and there is almost one on every corner in Japan,” says the editor of Parking Today American, John Van Horn. …

Responsible for the first fully automated parking garage in the United States, Robotic Parking Systems is also the first to the Middle East. “We have the largest automated parking garage in the world, operating in Dubai, with 765 spaces,” boasts the company’s administrative director, Mary Lou DeWynGaert, referring to the impressive parking project at Ibn Battuta Gate. Soon, the company beat its own record. It designed and fabricated the machinery for another incredible automated garage in Dubai, with no less than 1200 spaces, still under construction!

The garage future in Brazil

Robotic Parking Systems has no projects in Brazil, but according to Mary Lou, the company is excited about the growth and the opportunities in the country. “We are working with some developers on several Brazilian proposals,” she adds. …


• No ramps and requiring a lower height between floors, automated garages ensure a significant reduction in the need of building area.  To get an idea, they need only 50% of the space that a conventional ramp garage used for the same number of spaces. Less space, more profits!

• Accepting any kind of façade they are adaptable to any design or architectural style of the place where they are installed.

• No cars or people walking around inside requires less lighting and ventilation.

• Emissions of CO2 and other pollutants are reduced making them sustainable garages. The very economy of space, especially in urban areas contribute to this. The land saved can be used in many cases, to create green areas or open areas.

• Once the user access is limited to the terminal for arrivals and removal of the car, risk of vandalism and injury to persons and vehicles are virtually eliminated. Likewise, it eliminates the risk of theft of items left inside the cars. All this dramatically reduces the cost of insurance.

• Personnel costs fall significantly, since the number of staff needed for this type of operation is minimal. When fully automated, it does not require employees to be operated.

• Users gain in comfort with a service equivalent to that of a valet. Just drop the car at the front desk and wait for it in the output.

Click here for more information on Robotic Parking Systems and our patented design.

(Translation courtesy of Google Translate)

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