Robotic Parking Systems Meld Old and New Technologies Into a Total Parking Solution

The Robotic Parking Systems‘ patented technology melds mechanical elements used for more than a hundred years with up-to-date automation technology, such as that used in automobile assembly lines like GM, Ford, Mercedes and others, into a total parking solution. Architects and developers can get the same number of parking spaces using half the space of a conventional ramp style parking garage.

The uniqueness of the system and its advancement (compared to former technologies in the field of automated parking) lie in the arrangement of the system components, its modularity, flexibility; and in the use, integration and application of the latest software platforms. Robotic Parking Systems utilize the proven automation platform called Cimplicity® from General Electric, which is in use amongst major automation projects around the globe including GM, Ford and NASA.

Robotic Parking Systems use strictly electro mechanics. No hydraulics or pneumatics are applied in the system. Every single component used is US based, off-the-shelf and of the highest quality the market offers. For example, the servo motors provide a historical lifetime of 25 years and the selected gearboxes have a first maintenance requirement after 20 years of operation.

This technology provides urban areas with safe, highly efficient car parks that use space more intelligently.


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