Robotic Parking Systems Can Help Architects Contribute to the Development of Our Cities

In the Robotic Parking Systems‘ survey of architects and developers from around the world, we asked “How can architecture contribute to the continuing development of our cities? ”

  • 55% of those surveyed said that it enhances the community
  • 30% stated that it builds an exciting enjoyable place for people to come
  • 87% felt that it created great places for communities and for people to come, and
  • 60% stated that it improves the lives of people.

Architects often have to compromise design to accommodate required parking. For example, instead of a beautiful courtyard or common area that people can use, the space is consumed by concrete, ramps and parking.

Automated Parking vs Conventional Parking

Automated car parks can help architects reduce those compromises by parking the same number of cars in half the space of a conventional ramp style garage. The parking requirements are met, and the space saved can be used for other design features that contribute to the beauty and livability of our cities.

(Note: multiple answers were given to the question)


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