Robotic Parking Systems Appoints Parking Design Associates as Representative for California

Robotic Parking Systems has appointed Parking Design Associates, Inc. as the manufacturer’s representative for the California region.

Parking Design Associates, Inc. specializes in the unique design and planning of parking structures. The firm strives to create sustainable, attractive, functional and cost effective parking structures.

Santa Monica Civic Center - LEED Garage

Ms. Dirmali (Di) Botejue, President of Parking Design Associates, was Executive Architect’s Designer and Project Manager on the 2007-completed Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure Project which is one of the first LEED© Certified parking structures in the United States. She and others in the firm have won numerous prestigious design awards.

Exploring alternative, LEED and green building methods to solve parking needs is what led Ms. Botejue to Robotic Parking Systems.

Robotic Parking Systems manufactures high-speed automated parking structures from hundreds to thousands of cars in half the space of a conventional parking garage. Architects and developers use less space for parking and create space for design, development and community enhancements.

Robotic Parking Systems are “green” products that conserve gas and diesel fuel as well as reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. No cars run inside the garage, and there is no driving up and down ramps and through aisles in search of a space. Inside the Robotic Parking System electromechanical automated parking machinery moves the cars into parking spaces. This significantly reduces the emissions of harmful gases, reduces the carbon footprint and ensures an environmentally clean parking facility.

Considering the electrical power needed for the Robotic Parking System, the Carbon Equivalent Value is still very low so the net reduction of the overall carbon footprint is significant.

Robotic Parking Systems:

  • Create more revenue generating space by using Robotic Parking Systems
  • Space gained can be used for green space and open areas to meet LEED standards
  • Delivers faster retrieval times than other automated garages or ramp-style parking
  • Automated parking offers security for both individual and car
  • A Robotic Parking System gives users premium valet service without the valet
  • Automatic parking reduces CO2 emissions and other pollutants and greenhouse gases
  • Flexible design allows the automated parking garage to fit into any neighborhood or project
  • Robotic Parking Systems relieve traffic congestion
  • Every machine has built-in redundant components. In addition, at least two of each type of machine is installed in the automated parking facility.
  • No single failure will ever result in the system being inoperable.
  • As part of its strategic partnership with Robotic Parking Systems, General Electric supplies all motors, electronics and automation controls for the automated garage.

Parking Design Associates, Inc.
18627 Brookhurst Street, #168, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Tel: (714) 595-2564
Fax: (714) 202-2186
Contact: Di Botejue

Robotic Parking Systems, Inc.
12812 60th Street N., Clearwater, FL 33760
Tel: (727) 539-7275
Fax: (727) 216-8947
Contact: Ferdinand Haag

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