Robotic Parking Systems Projects – Part 5 – EFT, Dubai, UAE

EFT, Dubai, UAE — 1200 Spaces — Turnkey design contract and delivery of machinery for a 1200 space Robotic Parking System for the Emirates Financial Tower in Dubai, UAE.

Robotic Parking Systems EFT Project

Robotic Parking System was contracted for the design and build of this 1,200 space automated parking facility. The system design was inserted between the concrete structure of the above towers.

Based on the company’s experience and discussions with UAE Civil Defense, a new Civil Defense Code for robotic parking was developed and serves as a guideline for future projects in the region. This new Civil Defense Code acknowledges and takes into consideration the work achieved by the Technical Committee of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 88A). Robotic Parking System’s CEO is a member of NFPA’s Committe for Garages and Parking Structures.

Robotic Parking Systems delivered the automation and machinery components and supervised the local installation.

Robotic Parking Systems Specification
Number of Spaces   1200
Type of Garage   RPS 1000
Footprint   320 ft x 120 ft
Height    72 ft
Levels    9
Entry / Exit Terminals  9

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