Manufacturing and Installing a Robotic Parking System – Part 17 – Start Up and Testing of the Completed Garage

The machines are now installed, and the façade completed. Electrical, fire fighting, automation components and software are all in place. What’s next?

The next step is a comprehensive battery of synchronization, tests and adjustments to ensure that all of the elements of the Robotic Parking Systems are functioning at peak performance and that all components are communicating properly with each other. Each design specification is tested and verified including the throughput of cars and speed of retrieval, etc.

Robotic Parking Systems Entry / Exit Bay

Robotic Parking Systems in Dubai

Pre-opening performance tests for this particular facility demonstrated that the garage handles 250 cars per hour with up to 32 cars in motion at any one time. This peak traffic is faster than typical conventional ramp-style garages. Additional tests showed that parking or retrieval of a vehicle can be completed within 60 to 160 seconds.

Inside Robotic Parking Systems

During various stages of the installation and start-up operation of the automated parking garage, maintenance and operations staff have been fully trained on the Robotic Parking Systems.

The 765 space Robotic Parking System for Ibn Battuta Gate Complex in Dubai is completed, turned over to the owner and officially opened.

Robotic Parking Systems at Ibn Battuta Gate

Robotic Parking Systems Opening

Robotic Parking Systems on Emirates News

You can see video of the opening on YouTube at  or on our web site on the video page.

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