Manufacturing and Installing a Robotic Parking System – Part 16 – Computer Hardware and Software

The entire Robotic Parking System is engineered with extreme redundancy to guarantee a greater level of reliability and to ensure uninterrupted operation. No single failure will ever result in the system being inoperable. Uptime of the system is unprecedented.

Duplicate mechanical components and systems ensure that if one machine requires maintenance or repair, a back-up is already operating to keep cars moving in and out of the garage.

Robotic Parking Systems

The same philosophy applies to computer hardware and software systems.


Robotic Parking Systems use redundant, ultra high-end, fault tolerant Stratus servers (fT 99.999% worldwide uptime) guaranteeing continuous availability. This ensures a worst case scenario — cars can’t be retrieved because of a system failure – doesn’t happen.

Stratus ftServer systems are built to prevent failures. Each of the two servers in a garage is fully redundant with components operating in parallel within a single enclosure. Every piece of data (including garage configuration, location and identity of every car, etc.) and every command is stored in real-time on the redundant servers. If one server fails, the second server automatically takes over with no interruption of service.

Robotic Parking Systems Computer Hardware


GE’s Cimplicity® automation software powers the Robotic Parking System. This software controls the machinery, lifts, motors, sensors and other automation components used to transport the vehicles in the parking garage.

Cimplicity is used worldwide in processes where thousands of movements are performed on a 24/7 basis such as in automobile assembly lines at GM and Ford as well as in seaports around the world for container handling.

Cimplicity Client-Server Architecture

Cimplicity Redundancy


All Robotic Parking Systems include a patented full diagnostic suite and high level warning system.

Robotic Parking Systems Software

Robotic Parking Systems Software

The software records every rotation of any wheel, bearing, gearbox and motor. All moving parts are monitored, and operators can see every movement and car location on display screens in real time. Supervisors can be alerted for system tasks, and any needed maintenance is immediately reported online to the service department.

 Robotic Parking Systems Garage Manager Software

 The diagnostic system provides up to five different alarm messaging classifications. These early warning indicators and alarms recognize and report conditions before a problem does occur. Messages are sent to the computer system on site and can also be automatically forwarded to technicians’ beepers or cell phones. Up to three locations can be notified simultaneously.

These early warnings ensure proactive maintenance and a high level of uptime.

Real-time remote access allows off-site trouble shooting by operators or the manufacturer, if needed.

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