Manufacturing and Installing a Robotic Parking System – Part 15 – Electronics, Sensors and Cameras

Numerous electronic and automation components such as wireless radios, a variety of sensors, cameras, display screens, card readers, card dispensers and much more are installed throughout the parking system to facilitate the automated functions and to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the Robotic Parking System garage.

Many of these automation components can be seen in the Entry / Exit Terminals of the garage.

Multiple high-end laser curtains are used throughout the terminal to ensure that the vehicle is parked correctly inside the predetermined boundaries. Additional motion and positioning sensors round out the checks in the terminal area before the display screen provides further instructions to the user.

Hundreds of sensors are utilized from safety sensors that monitor the opening and closing of roll-up doors in the Entry / Exit Terminals to highly accurate proximity, distance and positioning sensors that properly position cars and machinery as well as precision scanners that tell a machine its current location.

Outside the Entry / Exit Terminal signal lights indicate when it is safe to enter the parking bay.

Robotic Parking Systems - Signal Lights

Very sensitive light curtains (sensors) are used for safeguarding areas such as the Entry / Exit Terminals that contain people.

Robotic Parking Systems - Entry / Exit Bay

Robotic Parking Systems - Light Curtain (Sensors)

Information received from the sensors is forwarded to the automation software. Resulting instructions in multiple languages are then displayed on the screens in the Entry / Exit Terminals to provide guidance to users of the Robotic Parking System.

Robotic Parking Systems - Screen Displays

Multiple cameras take high resolution images of a vehicle upon entry and exit for the protection of both the owner of the garage as well as the vehicle owner.

Robotic Parking Systems - Cameras

Kiosks with card readers and dispensers placed at each Entry / Exit Terminal control access to the garage and identify owners and their vehicles.

Robotic Parking Systems - Entry / Exit Terminal Kiosks

To retrieve a vehicle, the owner inserts the card into the card reader of one of the kiosks in the lobby of the Robotic Parking System. The display screen above the lobby kiosks tells the owner in which Entry / Exit bay the vehicle will be delivered by the automated machinery. This is similar to display screens in an airport that show flight arrival and departure time and gate location.

Robotic Parking Systems - Retrieval

The machinery, software and automation components work together to deliver the vehicle facing outward in the designated exit bay.

Robotic Parking Systems - Exit Bay

A red signal light indicates that a car is entering or exiting a parking bay.

Robotic Parking Systems - Exit


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