Manufacturing and Installing a Robotic Parking System – Part 14 – Entry / Exit Terminals and Lobby

As the façade is completed, it’s time to put the finishing touches on the Entry / Exit Terminals.

The Entry / Exit Terminals for the Robotic Parking System as well as the lobby used by customers retrieving their cars can be custom designed by the architect or interior designer to blend seamlessly with any project’s specific design theme.

Functionally, the well-lighted Entry / Exit Terminals and close by lobby increase security and reduce the risk of any personal injury for the users of the robotic parking garage as compared to the numerous incidents in conventional garages documented in police reports.

Every day there are news reports about accidents, theft and violence in conventional garages and parking lots. If you really look at this environment you can see that rows of columns or parked cars offer abundant hiding place for those who intend harm.

With a Robotic Parking System there is no need to walk to and from the car through rows of vehicles or levels of parking decks. With an automated parking system, the driver pulls into a terminal located next to the street and leaves the car to be picked up by the automated machinery. When leaving, the driver returns to a well-lighted lobby where the car is quickly delivered to a ground floor terminal.

The exterior façade of the Entry / Exit Terminals is designed to complement the project.

Robotic Parking Systems Exterior Entry / Exit Terminals

The interior walls of the Entry / Exit Station are finished and roll-up safety doors are installed. These safety doors block the entrance to the interior of the garage both prohibiting and protecting users from entering the inside of the Robotic Parking System.

Robotic Parking Systems Entry Terminal

Customers enter the secure ground floor lobby and insert their access card into a kiosk to retrieve their cars. Screens display the nearby exit terminal where the car can be retrieved. It’s not necessary to wander around inside a parking garage.

Robotic Parking Systems Lobby at Ibn Battuta Gate

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