Manufacturing and Installing a Robotic Parking System – Part 12 – Main Electrical and Backup Systems

As the Robotic Parking Systems’ machines are being installed and the façade completed, the main power feed for the automated parking facility is connected as well as primary electrical panels for the automation components and other equipment.

The Robotic Parking System requires about 3 Kw/Hr to park and retrieve one (1) car – this may vary + /- based on auxiliary electrical needs like lighting, air conditioning etc. 

The main electrical substation feeds into the electrical room inside the Robotic Parking Systems garage.

Electrical Substation for Robotic Parking Systems

Robotic Parking Systems Electrical Room

From the electrical room, power is distributed for general lighting, air conditioning, entry / exit stations, the control room and the hoists, machinery and other automation components.

Robotic Parking System Electrical Distribution

Many of the machines, such as carriers which move the cars horizontally, are connected to the electrical system through power rails so that the machines can move freely.

Robotic Parking System Power Rails

Other stationary machinery and equipment have their own electrical panels which connect directly into the electrical room.

Robotic Parking Systems Vertical Lift Electrical Boxes

Every Robotic Parking System design includes a back-up emergency power diesel generator with an automatic transfer switch in the electrical room so that service can continue in the case of a power outage at the substation.

Robotic Parking Systems Emergency Diesel Generator

The automatic transfer switch ensures a seamless transition to stand-by power within 6 seconds.

Robotic Parking Systems Generator Transfer Switch


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