Manufacturing and Installing a Robotic Parking System – Part 3

The Robotic Parking System consists of machines that are built to handle independent motion on all three axis – vertically between floors, horizontally in a row, and in / out to move cars into and out of racks in the steel shelving system.

At least two of each type of machine is installed in the automated parking facility for redundancy. Both of the machines can perform the same tasks at the same time. Therefore, if one machine needs maintenance or repair, there is always a backup machine to keep the cars moving into and out of the garage.

Additionally, with each motion being handled by multiple independent machines, the Robotic Parking Systems can offer unprecedented speed in the storage and retrieval of vehicles. The high-speed efficiency of the Robotic Parking System and fast retrieval times ensure rapid throughput (the number of cars in and out per hour) and a satisfying user experience.

Lower Carrier Modules with Turntables (LCM w/ TT) rotate cars 180 degrees so that the car is returned to the owner facing forward for easy exit. These machines also move cars horizontally along a row in the Robotic Parking System.

Robotic Parking Systems Lower Carrier Module with Turntable

Robotic Parking Systems Turntable

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