Mayor Orders Parking Lots to Have Attendants to Prevent Break-Ins and Theft

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has taken a bold move towards thwarting the ongoing problem of car break-ins and thefts from vehicles.

Slay announced that the City Counselor is currently drafting rules to require parking lots in the City of St. Louis to provide attendants.  According to Slay, the rule would also require parking lots to be restricted when not in operation.

The announcement comes on the heels of the recent smashing of dozens of car windows and personal property thefts from cars of area residents and visitors to the area. 

Damage to vehicles and property is a common occurrance in parking lots and conventional garages throughout the world. However, parking designers, developers and owners can greatly increase parking security for both individuals and cars by using a Robotic Parking System.

One major security advantange of an automated parking garage is the elimination of dings, dents, theft and vandalism.

In a Robotic Parking System, in fully automated mode, no one touches the car after the owner parks it on the parking pallet. In fact, the automated parking facility itself contains only machinery and vehicles – no humans allowed.

Robotic Parking Systems eliminate theft and vandalism. Vehicles are stored in a fully enclosed building and are 100% secure from access by others.

St. Louis story from KSDK

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