4th of July Travel and Higher Gas Prices – Be Thankful You’re Not Buying Your Gas in Europe

AAA reports that 39 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this 4th of July holiday weekend. Despite a 2.5% decrease in travelers attributed to higher gas prices, 4th of July continues to be the busiest travel holiday of the year with children out of school and parents ready to head to favorite vacation spots.

While US gas prices have recently fallen from an average of $3.96 per gallon to $3.63 per gallon,  the higher prices have affected US consumers from utility bills to food prices.

However, just be glad you’re not buying your gas in Europe. Here are some of the recently reported prices across the “pond.”

Germany – $9.07 per gallon
France – $9.24 per gallon
Italy – $8.79 per gallon
United Kingdom – $8.68 per gallon
Spain – $7.60 per gallon
Greece – $9.53 per gallon
Netherlands – $9.58 per gallon

A large portion of these high gas prices in Europe result from taxes per gallon of fuel with the Netherlands taking the prize at $5.87 tax per gallon.

All of us at Robotic Parking Systems wish you a happy 4th of July holiday and safe driving!

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