Robotic Parking Systems Can Eliminate the Theft of Cash in Parking Operations

From meters and parking facilities around the world, tens of thousands to many hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each year due to theft of cash paid for parking. However, the use of credit and debit cards, payment via cell phones and other non-cash systems are changing the dynamics of the parking industry.

Robotic Parking Systems offer multiple options for payment and parking garage access. We work directly with developers and owners to design the most workable system for their project.

Entry / Exit Station Kiosk

Monthly or transient customers can be granted access through credit/debit cards or MAG cards issued by Robotic Parking Systems. Card readers are installed at each of the Entry/Exit stations for incoming traffic as well as in the lobby for customers retrieving their vehicles. Pay On Foot machines can also be located in the lobby.

Lobby Kiosks

This guarantees that 100 % of parking revenues go directly to the owner’s bank account without loss due to theft of cash.

As an added service to preferred customers, the Robotic Parking System can also retrieve customer’s cars in the facility by remotely dialing into the system’s computer via a phone line.


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