Robotic Parking Systems Offer Solutions That Save Space for Car Rental Agencies

Car rental agencies use a lot of land area and/or garage space storing their inventory of cars.

In many cases that vehicle rental inventory is outside, uncovered and subject to the environment. This can mean more expense and time spent cleaning the cars before delivery to customers not to mention the wear and tear on the vehicles caused by snow, ice, dirt, etc.

What about customers who want to pick up or drop off cars after normal hours? Would the convenience of 24 / 7 pickup and drop off help to gain and retain customers?

Robotic Parking Systems offers solutions.

Using an automated parking garage, a car rental agency can store twice as many cars in the same space as a conventional garage. Or, park the same number of vehicles in half the space. If the company is using  a sprawling parking lot, they can save even more land area and increase green space.

The smaller footprint required for vehicle storage opens up additional opportunities to build rental facilities in top locations within cities where space is limited or closer to major transportation hubs.

The fully enclosed, secure parking of the automated parking system can mean less time spent cleaning vehicles as well as reduce wear and tear caused by the environment. Rental car companies can even add an integrated, automated brushless car wash to the parking Robotic Parking Systems‘ facility. 

Customers get the added convenience of retrieving and storing the cars safely and automatically 24 / 7. The automated parking system provides true valet service without the valet. 

Service personnel can quickly and easily retrive vehicles for cleaning and maintenance then store them back into the system. This saves time and increases efficiency.

Robotic Parking Systems – where automation meets people’s needs!


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