Robotic Parking Systems Handle Airport Parking Problems – Part 3

How secure is airport parking
From Auckland Airport to JFK in New York, travelers are returning to find that their cars parked in “secure” airport parking have been driven hundreds of miles and damaged in their absence.  In many long-term airport parking situations, employees (and by association their friends) know exactly when you’re returning from your trip and have access to your keys.

One couple at Auckland Airport paid a premium for secure undercover airport parking. On their return they reported that ice cream cones were coming out of the air vents, drinks were spilled on the carpet, receipts for liquor and meals were left on the back seat, panels were scratched, and the tires were trashed. Plus, the car had been taken on a 267 mile joy ride.

Another couple parked at long-term parking outside JFK returned from a trip to California to find that their car had 724 extra miles on the odometer.

These stories represent just a few of the airport parking problems reported throughout the world. And, of course, the parking companies regularly deny any responsibility for the problems.

Robotic Parking Systems handles this airport parking problem
Robotic Parking Systems offer you valet service ease – but you keep your keys. With automated parking, you get the convenience of premium valet parking without the worries of someone else driving your car. Additionally, since no one is allowed access to the inside of the facility, the car and its contents are 100% secure from theft and vandalism.

To pick up the car, just enter the well lit and secure lobby, and put your parking card into a kiosk. Large screens display the ground level terminal where the car can be retrieved. The Robotic Parking System delivers the car facing forward for easy exit. You can get into the car and drive away in less time than it would take to walk to the car and navigate through a series of ramps in a conventional garage.


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