Robotic Parking Systems Handle Airport Parking Problems – Part 2

Continuing on the subject of airport parking problems, “lost” cars can be a major ordeal for travelers.In hundreds of airports around the world, people forget where they parked and “lose” their car.

About 11 times a day, on average, travelers at South Florida’s three major airports return home from trips only to realize they forgot where they parked. It happens about five times a day at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and about three times a day at each Palm Beach and Miami International Airport.

Now, multiply that by hundreds of airports, and 365 days per year, and the number of weary travelers wandering parking lots and garages becomes obvious.

Robotic Parking Systems solves this problem

There is no need to walk to and from the car through rows of vehicles or levels of parking decks. With an automated parking system, the driver pulls into a terminal located next to the street and leaves the car to be picked up by computerized machinery. The car is safe and protected on its own pallet, and never touched by machines or humans. When leaving, the driver returns to a well lit lobby where the car is quickly delivered to a ground floor terminal. Robotic Parking Systems increase safety and reduce the risk of injury.


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