Robotic Parking Systems Add-On Products Expand and Enhance Parking Garages – Part 2

Flexible storage options are another Robotic Parking System add-on that can expand and enhance the capabilites of the automated parking system beyond parking. In condominiums, office complexes or other projects, this feature offers developers new opportunities for revenue.

Robotic Parking Systems has developed storage containers that easily allow spaces not needed for parking to be used for other purposes such as the storage of household goods. Simply, containers are utilized instead of the pallets used for cars. The automated machinery moves and stores both the car and the container in the same manner.

The storage containers are the same dimensions (7 x 19 x 7 ft. 8 in. / 2,100 x 5,740 x 2030 mm) as the vehicle pallets making the system components fully modular and interchangable.

Containers can be compartmented into various sizes as well as equipped with shelves. This provides extreme flexibility for large and small storage needs.

Additionally, this type of storage is very convenient for users. Goods can be loaded into the container directly from the car — the container will be brought to you in the terminal area. There is no need to load the goods on carts and wind through long aisles or go up and down elevators to arrive at your designated storage bin.


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