Robotic Parking Systems Add-On Products Expand and Enhance Parking Garages – Part 1

Robotic Parking Systems offer solutions to urban parking problems and create space that architects and developers can use for additional design features, green space or more revenue generating space. This is accomplished through parking the same number of cars in half the amount of space as a conventional garage.

But did you also know that a number of Robotic Parking Systems add-on products can expand and enhance the capabilites of the system beyond parking?

Integrated, Automated Car Wash

You can get more out of your Robotic Parking System by adding an integrated, automated car wash.

Robotic Parking Systems uses leading brushless car wash manufacturers for integration into our fully automated parking system. One such product that we have installed is the MARK VII brushless portal with auto drying system.

The car wash is integrated into the automated parking system and performs the wash procedure through software embedded commands. To achieve full LEED certification, Robotic Parking Systems recommends implementing the car wash together with a full water recycling system that only uses five liters of fresh water per one car wash. The remaining water needed will be used from fully recycled water that is stored in nearby tanks.


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