Independent Technology Experts Audit Robotic Parking Systems

Robotic Parking Systems provides automated parking solutions that give architects and developers more space for design features, revenue generating space, green space or common areas where people can interact.

A recent report from an audit performed by independent technology experts on the Robotic Parking Systems technology concludes:

■ Operational safety two fold on each logical level: software and hardware
■ Full redundancy by at least two identical machines per geographical area
■ Hot swappable PC system supported by UPS and generator
■ Several manual operation stations available for different machines
■ Flexible definition of Entry / Exit Terminals indicated by traffic light on the fly
■ Service plan based on threshold values for each component
■ System is very solidly designed with lots of redundancy
■ Highly redundant, cleverly designed system with good traceability
■ Best practice compliance
■ Mature, extensible system: over 15 years of experience with system design, installation & operations

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