Redundant Machinery and Equipment Make Robotic Parking Systems Extremely Reliable – Part 2


Robotic Parking Systems use ultra high-end fault tolerant (fT 99.999% worldwide uptime) computer servers which guarantee continuous availability. Every piece of data (including garage configuration, location and identity of every car, etc.) and every command is stored in real-time on both servers. If one server fails, the second redundant server automatically takes over with no interruption of service.

 The automation software which runs the garage is powered by GE’s Cimplicity® intelligent platform which is used worldwide in processes with high complexity and numbers of users. Cimplicity software runs automobile assembly lines such as GM and Ford as well as container handling in seaports around the world where thousands of movements are performed on a 24/7 basis.

Cimplicity Client Server Architecture
Robotic Parking Systems use the power of GE Cimplicity automation software.

 These factors ensure one of the highest standards of operations in automated parking garages worldwide.

One thought on “Redundant Machinery and Equipment Make Robotic Parking Systems Extremely Reliable – Part 2”

  1. The platform in question is actually a single server with complete redundancy, and not two individual servers. The software and OS see only a single logical server. Data is processed simultaneously on the redundant components and subsystems. That being the case, there actually is no “taking over” should a part fail since its mate is already on the job, which means no unplanned downtime, failover or data loss. If readers wish to learn more, I invite them to visit

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