Redundant Machinery and Equipment Make Robotic Parking Systems Extremely Reliable – Part 1

Any piece of machinery or electronics made by man will fail at some point. Just look at cars, appliances and the computer to name a few. The only way to successfully overcome this inherent failure is the strict application of TRUE redundancy throughout an entire system. This does not mean just simply installing two motors on a single machine; it also means providing two of the same machines as well as redundancy of components in a single machine. This means strict application of the philosophy of the “one out of two failure.” 

Robotic Parking Systems provide true redundancy with multiple elements controlling the same process to provide alternatives in case of failure.


The Robotic Parking System uses only off-the-shelf, high-quality electrical and mechanical components with L10 lifetimes of 40,000 hours or above. As part of its strategic partnership with Robotic Parking Systems, General Electric supplies all motors, electronics and automation controls for the automated garage.

Ibn Battuta Gate Automated Garage in Dubai
Redundant Machines in the Ibn Battuta Gate Automated Garage in Dubai

Every machine has built-in redundant components. In addition, at least two of each type of machine is installed in the automated parking facility. Both of the machines can perform the same tasks at the same time. Therefore, if one machine needs maintenance or repair, there is always a backup machine to keep the cars moving into and out of the garage. 

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