Gaming Skills Are Not Needed with a Robotic Parking System

Who knew that car parking games would become one of the latest gaming crazes?

You may be wondering what exactly are parking games. Not everyone has heard of them as many of the parking games are a very new genre.

Parking games date back to the classic slow paced puzzle games where you move blocks, or vehicles, around until you get them in the targeted position – or the parking spot. This older, or more original, type of game didn’t catch on like the latest craze of these new games.

Today’s games play on the old style, but are quite a bit different. Many times you will find yourself racing against the clock trying to get parked as quickly as you can. Obstacles will be in the way, such as moving traffic, pedestrians, or just other cars you have to maneuver around. These games include car parking, boat parking, truck parking games, and more.

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Neither sophisticated parking nor gaming skills are necessary if you use a Robotic Parking System. There’s no time clock or obstacles in your way. With automated parking, you simply drive into an entry bay and let the machines take your car away to be parked. When you’re ready to leave, the car is delivered back to a exit bay ready for you to drive away. Not as exciting as a parking game, but safe, convenient and easy to use.


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