Innovative Parking Garage Part of Community College Plan to Earn Points Toward LEED Certification

Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, NC plans to build an innovative, six-level parking facility. The project will encompass a number of sustainability features, for which the college hopes to earn points toward LEED certification for a future academic building, to which the parking deck will be connected.

LEED -or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- is a third-party certification program of the U.S. Green Building Council and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

Automated parking systems can also help parking facilities and entire projects be more “green”.

A component of LEED covers maximizing open space in site development. Automated parking garages offer better space utilization to any project that includes parking. Robotic Parking Systems reduce the space needed for parking by up to 50%. This creates space that can be used for more green areas to help meet LEED requirements or for other design features that can benefit the project and the community.

Additionally, a Robotic Parking Systems garage ensures less carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases and other pollutants since cars are not circling around inside the garage looking for a space. The reduced carbon footprint and other characteristics of automated parking can help a project earn up to 17 LEED points.


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