Robotic Parking Systems Creates More Space for Design, Development and the Community

Green spaces and common areas in which people can interact are essential to creating cities that are beautiful, livable, safe and desirable to businesses, tourists and residents.

Think of the space consumed in your own urban area for just parking. The orange areas in the illustration below represent typical downtown parking.

Robotic Parking saves space.
Typical downtown parking - example Columbus, Ohio. Robotic Parking Systems can reduce the orange area by 50%.

Now imagine being able to use half of that space for development, green space or other community projects.

Imagination can easily become reality.

An automated, robotic parking garage can reduce the space needed for parking by 50%. The Robotic Parking Systems’ technology greatly increases the speed and efficiency of parking so that even the largest garage can be made smaller. This creates space for greener cities while still reducing the traffic congestion and pollution of people driving around looking for parking places.

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